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Life is hard.

Some seasons are more difficult than others.

Most men try to manage their problems, pain, confusion

and loneliness on their own. When a crisis hits, they find

they need help but don’t know where to turn. That’s when

a skilled professional Christian counselor becomes a helpful

and welcomed confidant, adviser and brother in Christ.

Ross has helped many men navigate through some very

difficult issues and has equipped them with the necessary

tools to manage and to overcome the difficult seasons of life. 


Since the Garden of Eden couples have struggled with relationships.

Each person understands the reasons and justifications for their

values, logic, feelings, choices and behaviors. Many couples find

it difficult to view some conflicts from any perspective other than

their own. Even when couples know that their communication skills

need improvement, they are at a loss on how to do that.

Ross enjoys helping couples work together to develop the necessary

skills of true listening, processing, understanding and reflecting. He

has seen many breakthroughs at the heart level when both people

learn the values of truth, trust, confession and true forgiveness.

Couples often grow closer together as they give up old self centered

patterns and they learn to value, listen, understand, pray for and

encourage each other.

By applying a God-honoring approach to their relationship, couples

are able to rebuild and watch their marriage and their families get

healthy and whole.    



Pre-Engagement Counseling is one of the best investments

a couple can spend on their relationship.

Notice, the term is "Pre-Engagement", not Premarital. When

a couple takes the time to carefully examine their relationship

before they send out wedding invitations, they are preparing

their marriage for success. The 6-8 weeks process allows them

to get beyond the surface and discover the true heart and core

of the person they want to marry.

When this step in skipped, many newly married couples have

come to Ross saying they wished they had been able to start

working on getting rid of old wounds and painful issues in their

lives before they walked down the aisle. Some believed that

their love for each other would somehow magically fix years

of unresolved issues.Then once married they discover that

their individual issues begin to commingle and start to create

new problems that damage their relationship.

The value of Pre-Engagement counseling pays off many times

over when a couple is able to confidently commit themselves

to each other with everything out in the open and dealt with.

Their relationship has the best chance of survival if it is built on

a solid foundation of truth. Marriage must be built on truth in

order for each person to trust and love each other. Couples that

learn the important interrelationship between truth, trust and love

- become free to deeply love God, themselves and their future


The process can feel brutal on the front end of your relationship,

but Ross has seen that it is much more painful and difficult to

work through personal problems once the "two become one".

Sexual Addiction

The definition of an addiction is: “The inability to stop or control a system of thoughts, feelings, choices and/or behaviors, in spite of its

consequences, for the purpose of self-medication".

Sexual addiction (SA) is often overlooked as a serious issue. Many

see it as a simple problem with lust and porn. Unfortunately, sexual

addiction damages every area in a person's life... their heart, thoughts,

feelings, choices, behaviors, the frontal lobe of the brain and their most

valued relationships. Sexual addiction spans four different categories

of sexual behaviors. It is evaluated by at least fifteen criteria, it often

follows a specific cycle of values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and

behaviors. Sexual addiction is not a on/off light switch. Sex is more

like a system of valves that need to be slowly opened and closed

at appropriate times and situations.

Once a client understands that they have problem and see it as

an addiction, Ross’ counseling sessions focus on resolving the

heart issues of why the client is using this addiction to medicate.

Many clients who have come to Ross have already been through

various rehab programs that advocated change of outward behavior

without getting to the heart issues that initiate, fuel and empower 

the cycles.

Ross has been helping men break free from the chains of Sexual

Addiction since 1998. He has counseled straight and gay men,

couples, large and small groups. He has published articles on the

topic and created material that has been used for over 15 years

by church men’s groups.

Most men and couples who go through typical therapy don't realize

how difficult it is to break a sexual addiction. Ross has been down

this road many times and has helped many men and their spouses

break free so that they can rebuild their lives, their marriages and

their families. 


For more information and resources about sexual addiction,

please visit ... https://www.skyviewcounseling.com on a full

size computer, laptop or IPad.