Skyview Counseling


Skyview Counseling LLC is a Christ Centered, Biblically based counseling practice in Maui.


The Bible refers to the “heart” as a key component to understanding the nature and behavior of man. We believe the heart is where we keep and guard the things we love and value (Mark 7:18-23 and 12:29-31). The heart is also where we store an account of the life events that have harmed and damaged us.

At Skyview Counseling we have seen dramatic changes when a person's heart and values are healed. These changes influence their thoughts, feelings, choices, behaviors and relationships. Seeing life through the insights and counsel of Scripture allows struggling clients to readjust their worldview, rearrange their priorities and change their behaviors.

This Biblical approach, developed by Ross Gunn III, is a modified version of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and is referred to as “Heart Therapy”.