Phone and Internet Video Counseling

Online / Internet or Phone Counseling has been a tremendous help to individuals and couples who are in need of counseling while they are in remote locations, on the road, have erratic work schedules or are in a "long distant relationship". The benefits of Online Counseling are that it provides location flexibility, convenience, security, scheduling freedom, and by many, it is preferred over traditional office counseling.


For your security and safety Skyview Counseling tries to use Internet programs that are HIPPA approved and uses at least 256-bit encryption, which is very secure. This give clients the confidence that their sessions are both confidential and secure.


Here are a few things that are helpful when we do Online Counseling...

     1) Use this website's "Contact" page to request an appointment. 

     2) Understand that Skyview Counseling is located in Hawaii, on Maui, and there         is often a significant time difference. Appointments later in the day or evening             seem to work the best, especially when you are calling from the East Coast.

     3) Using a  fairly fast or newer computer, IPad or Cell Phone is preferred.
     4) Using a high-speed internet connection (4G to 5G). A "hardline" connection             to a computer is always more reliable and faster than a Bluetooth connection. 
     5) Being able to connect  with the Online video service (GotoMeeting or Skype).
     6) Using a computer or cell phone with a mic, speakers or a webcam.
     7) A credit card to pay for the two-hour Online Session ($175 for Online).

     8) Grace & Patience: The first Online session is always the hardest. It requires us       to work out any software or equipment glitches. 

To request more information about Online or Phone Counseling please use the "Contact" page within this website to get in touch with Skyview Counseling. 


OnLine Group Counseling

For some clients, meeting with a group of other men struggling with similar issues has proven to be very valuable. This is especially true with the area sexual addiction where men can meet with men dealing with a similar stage (ie 1>4) of SA. For these men there is a group called "LifeGuards808" that meets on a weekly basis for the period of two hours for teaching, sharing and accountability. The identity, location and the details of a person's sexual behaviors are kept confidential (as much as possible) even though the video sessions are held face to face over a secure server (256 encryption).  Each group must have at least 6 men of a similar stage of SA (read the section on SA under the area of "Specialities" to understand "Stages"). The cost to be part of LifeGuards808 is $200 per month for 4 sessions. If a month has 5 weeks then the counselor will designate which week will be taken off. The cost is paid via credit card at the beginning of each month. If you are interested in being part of LifeGuards808 then please use the "Contact" page within this website to get in touch with Ross Gunn III. Also visit... for more information.