Skyview Counseling

Ross Gunn III

Counselor @ Skyview Counseling, LLC

Ross Gunn III has been professionally counseling since 1998.

Prior to becoming a counselor, he was a Pastor for 25 years

on the West Coast. Ross earned double Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Bible. Ross has also earned two Master's Degrees. One to prepare him for ministry and the other to equip him in the field of Counseling.

Ross primarily counsels men, couples and students. His

strength is in helping clients go deep enough to recognize

and resolve their heart issues. He enjoys providing valuable

resources and tools to help clients feel that they equipped

to confidently move forward. 

Ross and his wife have been married over forty years and

have lived on Maui since 2010. They have a son & daughter

who are both married and are in full time ministry. Ross

received Christ as his Savior and Lord in the back of a

VW bus in 1967 during the Jesus movement. Ross is

affectionately known as “Pop Gunn” to his four grandchildren.

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